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The Adriatic Sea, one of the most peaceful and transparent of the Mediterranean, is the very place for sailing under full sail, for a motorboat cruise ships or for simply enjoying the recreational fishing by boat. Through 6278 km Croatia’s coastline offers an exciting challenge of 1244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs with thousands of wet and dry berths available all year, modern marinas with yatchs to hire and professional sailing courses to attend.


Hop from island to island in the Kornati archipelago mooring in bays or natural shelters, enjoy the underwater fishing in Pakleni Otoci, visit the famous lighthouse of Palagruza, the most remote Croatian island and moor at the amazing Elaphiti Islands.

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In the Labyrinth of Beauty

Have you had the chance to sail the Croatian coast or are you already a regular visitor who comes back every year? There is no question that Croatia is one of the leaders in international nautical tourism, however what aspect of the diverse nautical offer will suit your tastes is up to you.

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Safely enjoy the beauty of Croatian bays

To spend time in uninhabited bays of the Croatian Adriatic is to experience the beauty that our islands and coast offer in their original sense. Anchor your boat in the same places where thousands of years ago Illyrian ships and Roman galleys used to tie their boats and enjoy the equally clean ambient in one of the rare corners of the Mediterranean still untouched by civilization.

The best sailing seasons in Croatia are late spring and early autumn, temperatures are milder, the sea is peaceful and the winds are nicer. Before you set sail is good to know the different winds you might find: the north-easterly and dry cold Bora, the southerly and humid Jugo, the beloved and constant Mistral, the north-easterly Burin at night or the sudden violent Nevera.


Explore an endless blue of possibilities from the charming town of Cavtat and the mysterious Lokrum Island in Dubrovnik, Vela Luka on Korčula, Hvar and Vis, and all the way to Lošinj and Istria. Discover hidden bays and beaches, find a berth and taste the Mediterranean lifestyle at ports and marinas or sleep peacefully under a blanket of stars... Croatia by sea is a refreshing adventure!

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Escape Reality at Magical Weekend Attractions

Even though there are countless ways to enjoy yourself on the Croatian seas, here we bring you five suggestions which we hope will inspire you to go in search of some fun at sea.

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Night sailing for small boats

There are two reasons why you may want to embark on a sailing adventure in the night. The first is that you are in a hurry and you cannot postpone sailing out until the morning. The other is much more romantic – you wish to sail in a completely different, usually enchanting ambient. “Small vessels” are mentioned in the title of this text, referring to boats with no professional crew, leaving you in command.

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guardians of the Adriatic


Boaters in Croatia most often sail when the bora, sirocco and maestral are blowing,

but they need to be familiar with the rarer winds, which can be unpleasant and dangerous.

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