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Recognized both by experts and enthusiasts as one of the best places to camp in Europe, Croatia is a country with a long tradition of camping and ecotourism that has over 526 camping sites, from family friendly mini-campsites to fully-equipped apartments and mobile home facilities.


When camping in Croatia you will feel close to a fascinating wilderness, with eight national parks, numerous protected areas and natures reserves. Enjoy the mild and pleasant climate, both inside the country and along its Mediterranean coast, with small islands, reefs, bays and romantic beaches. Sleep tight under the stars and wake up your wild side.

Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. / Campsite Čikat


a true European camping destination


Every camper will find exactly what they want in Croatia: from the high-end modern camping parks, with their various facilities, where you can rent a superb mobile home or other accommodation, all the way to little places, which offer a stay in the garden or courtyard of a family run campsite, plus there is also Robinson Crusoe style camping and even glamping.

If this is your first time camping in this country, we are confident that you will come again. Just as many campers have already done for decades. Let your enjoyment of Croatia’s campsites and our beautiful country begin!

Orsera Camping Resort by Valamar

Camping villages, holiday parks & resorts

Do you want to spend your well-earned holiday on a campsite, but you don't have what you need to do so? Don't worry! In Croatia’s modern campsites you will find camper-vans, bungalows and apartments awaiting you, as well as other similar kinds of rental accommodation. By choosing this unique mode of camping you can treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday in accommodation with all the comforts of home, or even of a top hotel, while at the same time experiencing an unforgettable closeness to nature and a laid-back atmosphere that only campsites provide.

Ivo Biočina

Naturism - camping in the spirit of traditional Croatian tourism

Croatia has the third-largest number of naturist campsites in Europe, with about 30,000 places, the larger number of which are in Istria and the Kvarner region. Indeed, the very first naturist campsite in Europe, Konversada, is in Istria. A common characteristic of Croatian naturist campsites is the high level of security, accommodation, beauty and peace.

Nada Opala / Campsite Ujča, Senj

Mini Campsites

Small and family-run campsites

You will get to know the customs of certain parts of Croatia better in the intimate atmosphere of smaller, so-called ‘mini campsites’ each providing up to about 30 accommodation units, making up a maximum of about 100 guests. The space made available to campers is mainly within family estates and courtyards.

In Croatia it is a punishable offence to camp in open spaces outside of registered campsites or parking lots for caravans and camper-vans.


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