Vukovar - Vučedol - Ilok

EDEN winner 2016/2017

Vukovar – Vučedol – Ilok

From the first encounter with Vukovar, Vučedol and Ilok, it will be immediately clear why the title of the European Destination of Excellence for cultural tourism was given to the Eastern part of Croatia, an area widely known for its hospitality, excellent wines and cuisine. 


If you head from the Franciscan monastery and the Church of St. Philip and Jacob along the magnificent Danube promenade, you will discover the Baroque centre of Vukovar, a protected historical area which is the famous visual image of the city. You will pass the secondary school and the castle of Eltz where the attractive Municipal Museum is housed. Across the street you will find the Syrmia County Palace from the 18th century, and further down the street there is the Workers’ Hall. During the last decade of the 20th century, Vukovar became a symbol of Croatian defence and suffering in the Croatian War of Independence as attested by the Vukovar Memorial or Vukovar Nocturne, which encompasses all memorial locations in Vukovar. 
Just six kilometres downstream from the Danube river lies the Vučedol Culture Museum, an attractive modern building located at the centre of the historic Chalcolithic site. Vučedol Culture left its mark on history with the production of ceramic material of high artistic value. The famous symbols of Vukovar - the Vučedol dove and ceramic boot - were discovered here.


At the centre of the cultural and historic complex of the town of Ilok, a famous wine destination, you will discover the remains of the Roman fort Cuccium, a fortress from the 14th and 15th century which used to be the seat of Nicholas of Ilok, Ban of Croatia and King of Bosnia, then the church and sanctuary of St. John of Capistrano, rare Ottoman monuments - a türbe and Turkish bath from the era of Suleiman the Magnificent, a castle which houses the present Ilok City Museum with a modern display on three floors and the old wine cellar of the Odescalchi castle. 

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