EDEN finalist 2012/2013


Harmonious squares, romantic streets, a Baroque historic centre - this is Varaždin, the urban jewel of northern Croatia. Castles and museums, concerts at churches and halls, dancing and fun, all this and more awaits you in Varaždin, a town which comes alive at the end of summer during the popular street festival “Špancirfest” and at the beginning of autumn during the Varaždin Baroque Evenings.


Varaždin will not only capture you with its charm and atmosphere but also with its excellent mlinci (local dough), dishes made with poultry and game, river fish and vegetables, mixed with excellent wines. Sour cabbage from Varaždin is the most widespread delicacy from the culinary past of this region and it is always served as a starter in most Varaždin restaurants. Do not miss the Varaždin klipič, one of the tastiest pastries you can try. Yes, that’s right! Here in Varaždin we spell it klipič, not klipić, which would be what most Croatians expect. The letter č which is part of the name of this delicacy was registered as a trademark.


Near Varaždin lies the rehabilitation centre of Varaždinske toplice (medicinal spa) with sulphur thermal springs reaching 58 degrees Celsius. Ancient Romans used to enjoy these springs, as evidenced by the remains of a Roman bath from the second century.


Varaždin is developing accessible tourism, and the narrow and wider town centre is making its infrastructure and offered activities accessible to people with disabilities.