Dean Duboković

The Town of Buzet

EDEN finalist 2014/2015

The Town of Buzet

Feel Buzet, experience Buzet!

Buzet offers plenty of original local food that is prepared traditionally and in the most modern way in atmospheric taverns and acclaimed restaurants. Lovers of authentic local cuisine will enjoy the home-made pasta or seafood dishes, and you also have the irreplaceable beefsteak with grated truffles. Come spring time, you must try wild asparagus with prosciutto and local eggs, and pralines or the unusual truffle ice cream for dessert. 


You may wonder what are truffles doing in ice-cream? Buzet is a town of truffles, and this highly valued food item is used in many dishes, giving them a specific taste and a breath of luxury, just like the acclaimed olive oil which is used in all Istrian dishes.


In Buzet you will be offered biska, local rakija (spirit) made of komovica, white mistletoe and four types of herbs or liqueurs from medicinal herbs. The tasty dishes go well with Istrian wines -the local Malvasia and red Teran. If you prefer beer you will be happy to know that this town makes one of the best beers in Croatia. 


Buzet has become a gourmet’s paradise, and it deserved to be in the finals of the Croatian choice for the 2014/2015 European destinations of excellence project for the theme “Tourism and local gastronomy”.


Everything is within reach, calm, relaxing and discreet. You can enjoy the hospitality of the hosts, the wellness oases, superb hotels or family lodgings and the beautiful nature which calls for some active outdoor fun. Free climbing, paragliding, horse riding, cycling, trekking, driving a car or motorcycle across the mountain, hiking, truffle hunting, boules, pljočkanje (similar to boules) or fishing - the possibilities are endless, take advantage of them!