Syrmia and Slavonia –

Tastes of Syrmia and Slavonia

EDEN finalist 2014/2015

Syrmia and Slavonia - the Tastes of Syrmia and Slavonia

You cannot visit the eastern part of Croatia without trying its dry-cured meat products - kulen, kulenova seka or sausages. Enjoy the cheese and sour cream combination, zander and common carp, sarma, the finest chicken, beef or pork.... You will want to try the various stews flavoured with local paprika, like fiš paprikaš (fish stew) or čobanac (Slavonian shepherd stew)... You will not be able to resist the Šokci or Syrmia pancakes, tačci, masnici with walnuts, nut rolls, poppy seed rolls, apple pies... You cannot leave this Croatian region feeling hungry, that is for sure. Every meal is prepared in the best way and served with a lot of love. No lunch or dinner can start without a shot of the fragrant Slivovitz, nor end without a glass of the famous wines of Syrmia vineyards.


The fertile plains abound in rivers, unique forests of common oak and the wonderful landscape call out for some outdoor activities and an active vacation. Cycling, horse riding, bird-watching, swimming in rivers, taking a boat ride, hunting and fishing... take your pick and enjoy the ride.


The Danube, castles, food, wine, traditions and events like the Vinkovci Autumn Festival, Past Harvests and Threshing, Vukovar Film Festival.... are the foundation of the Slavonian and Syrmian offer, and everyone who visited this region agrees that it was deservedly placed among the finalists of the 2014/2015 European destinations of excellence project for the theme “Tourism and local gastronomy”.