The Folk Village of Kumrovec

EDEN finalist 2010/2011

The Folk Village of Kumrovec

The most famous village in the world

If you follow the road from Klanjec towards the Slovenian border you will pass the Folk Village of Kumrovec after a few kilometres. It is the only traditionally designed place in Hrvatsko zagorje with the authentic look and feel of a typical village from the early 20th century. The village centre contains the joint household estate of the Broz family and the birth house of the statesman Josip Broz Tito, with an ethnographic and historical exhibition. 


Apart from the preserved architecture of around 40 reconstructed facilities, the museum houses valuable objects, crafts and traditions typical of this region. In this traditional country setting you will learn about forging, pottery making and weaving or the manufacture of traditional wooden toys inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 


No building, well, pigsty or corn shed was transferred from another setting, they have all been reconstructed on their original locations, and several local families live in the renovated old village centre of Kumrovec presenting the old way of life on a farm. This has made the place come alive and avoid the static museum display.


Look around the Chapel of our Lady of the Snows, the Erdödy Manor in Razvor where the opera prima donna Countess Sidonija Erdödy Rubido lived, the villa Kumrovec, Popijač Gallery, Ulama Museum-Gallery, the Fountain of Joy, the national anthem monument, and enjoy in the protected landscapes of Zelenjak – Risvička gora.