EDEN finalist 2016/2017

Smiljan and Gospić

Legend has it that during creation God granted a wonder to every part of Earth. In the end, the only thing left in his bag of creation were rocks. He dropped them on a pile and thus Lika was formed. He felt sorry for the people who had to live there so he gave them strength and pride. Since then, the people of Lika have been known as sturdy, proud and rich in spirit, and Lika is known as a land of natural wonder and exceptional cultural heritage.


The national parks Plitvice Lakes, Northern Velebit and Paklenica, Velebit nature park, the protected landscape of Zavratnica, the emerald rivers Gacka and Lika, and Kruščica lake, are all some of the best reasons to visit the Lika-Senj County. 

But beautiful nature is not the only trump card of the biggest county in Croatia. Here you can enjoy the wonderful local cuisine, famous lamb from Lika and Pag, freshwater and seawater fish, potatoes from Lika... 

Lovers of cultural tourism will be delighted by the old fort of Sokolac at the centre of Brinje dating back to the 15th century, the Nehaj Fortress above Senj from the 16th century, Ura (the Cube) at Oštarijsko sedlo - a monument dedicated to the construction of the Karlobag-Gospić road, ojkavica - the oldest form of singing under UNESCO protection....


Stroll along the streets of Gospić, the county centre located in a unique natural environment and visit the Museum of Lika. Head to nearby Smiljan, the birthplace of one of the greatest inventors in the world, Nikola Tesla. Do not miss the Memorial Centre dedicated to this top scientist and find out how one genius from Lika changed the world.  


Smiljan is only 6 kilometres away from Gospić, making it ideal for a scenic cycling route easily crossed even if you are not an athletic person. The perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage make Smiljan and Gospić one of the Croatian finalists for the European Destinations of Excellence competition, for the theme “cultural tourism”.