Town of Victory

EDEN finalist 2007/2008

Sisak – Town of Victory

Discover the undiscovered

Beneath the walls of the Old Town, a 16th century fort, every June in Sisak you can find the Sisak Knights Tournament in honour of the 1593 victory against the Ottoman army.  The preliminary competition between the squires and the equestrian competition for the "Juran and Sofija" Cup, the procession of all tournament participants, the presentation of old crafts and souvenirs, a children's knights tournament, all are just an introduction to the main event - the fight for the Golden Sword. 
Sisak is one of the industrial towns that will surprise you with its beauty and rich cultural heritage. Located on the confluence of the rivers Odra and Kupa and Kupa and Sava, that have been the main influence on the town. 


Classicism and art-nouveau are prevalent in the town centre. Beside the Mali Kaptol building, one of the oldest brick houses in town, visit the Sisak History Ring where you can learn more about the seven most important historical periods in seven showcases. Nearby there is the Old Bridge on the river Kupa, one of the symbols of the town built in 1934. Do not miss Veliki Kaptol, a unique example of classicism, the Sisak City Museum and archaeological park Siscia “in situ”, with the remains of Roman architecture. 


Sisak is also an attractive musical centre as evidenced by one of the best Jazz clubs in this part of Europe where the most important jazz, blues and swing musicians perform.