EDEN finalist 2010/2011


The Path of Health and Friendship

Even though it was operational for only 33 years, from 1902 to 1935, Parenzana left an indelible trace on 33 Istrian towns and villages that it connected. This 123-kilometre long narrow gauge railway which ran between Trieste and Poreč was used for the transport of passengers, salt from Piran and Sečovlje, olive oil from Bujština and Motovunština, Istrian rock, fruit, vegetables, wine, flour...

Every train arrival was a social event where it was most important to be seen, and well-off passengers did not spare any expenses for a strategic position on the terrace of the last car. The old locomotive took such a long time to climb certain hills that passengers would get off the train to stretch their legs, while the slope from Mirna valley to Motovun would often see naughty children spread ripe figs across the tracks making the train slide so much that it had to stop and continue only when the tracks were cleaned.

For the 100th anniversary of the opening of Parenzana the project “The Path of Health and Friendship” was started with the purpose of its revitalisation and revaluation. Today hikers, adventurers, excursionists, nature lovers and lovers of mountain biking all enjoy its unusual beauty.