Papuk Nature Park

EDEN finalist 2008/2009

Papuk Nature Park

The first Croatian UNESCO geopark

Nature lovers will not miss the chance to visit Papuk, nature park and UNESCO geopark, whose northern slopes are covered with the Jankovac forest park. This is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, surrounded by a centuries-old beech forest, and also one of the most popular mountain excursion sites with educational trails, mountain streams and lakes, caves, waterfalls and around 1200 types of flora and fauna. The mountain lodge offers a restaurant and 80 beds, and is located near the unique waterfall Skakavac.


Rupnica is the most important geological site on Papuk which was declared the first Croatian geological monument of nature back in 1948. It is a special geological feature made from volcanic mass, a natural mosaic of rocks arranged like giant stone pillars.

North of Velika, the main entrance to Papuk Nature Park, you will find the 13th century town Velički grad, and close to Orahovica you will be amazed by Ružica, one of the most beautiful old towns and a valuable example of Gothic and Renaissance art. These are just two of the overall eight medieval fortifications on the peaks of Papuk. 


Regardless of whether you choose to go for a walk, hiking or cycling you will be delighted by the Papuk mountain which, along with the western part of Krndija, makes up a unique oasis in the heart of Slavonija.