Winner of the 2008/2009

Northern Velebit National Park

The experience of pristine wilderness

Enjoy the wonderful view of the sea and Lika from the peaks of Zavižan and Alan, immerse yourself in the rich and diverse flora and fauna in the Velebit Botanical Garden and explore Štirovača, an area rich in coniferous wood. Lubenovac, the spacious Velebit valley with the numerous remains of old summer huts and drystone walls tells of the past way of life on the mountain. The Premužić Trail leads to the most beautiful parts of Northern Velebit

Forests that are difficult to pass through, small karst valleys, pit caves and sinkholes, wells and limestone pavements, large blocks of rock, all of it makes up Northern Velebit, a magical mountain that has had the status of a national park since 1999. The bear, wolf, lynx and golden eagle inhabit this preserved eco-system.


Almost every hiking trail leads to the mountain peaks, and these trails and paths are suitable for trekking and hiking, while gravel and asphalt trails are ideal for cycling. 


So far there have been three pit caves over a thousand meters deep discovered in Northern Velebit - Lukina jama, Slovačka jama and Jama Velebita with their unusual flora and fauna where you can find the endemic Velebit leech. 


The economically sustainable tourist product developed on the protected area which takes into account the needs of the local administration and visitors has made Northern Velebit National Park the 2008/2009 European destination of excellence for the theme “tourism and protected areas”.

Once you discover the secrets of Northern Velebit, you will always return to it.

2008/2009: ‘Tourism and Protected Regions’

2008/2009 Finalists