Winner of the 2009/2010

The Town of Nin

The most romantic destination of Europe

Nin will captivate you at first sight. You can enjoy walking along its romantic streets, be amazed by the sandy beaches and you will not be able to resist touching the toe of one of the most famous lucky charms, the bronze statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin located beside the Church of St. Anselm. The statue of the Bishop, patron of Old Church Slavonic and the local Glagolitic script, is the work of Ivan Meštrović, a world famous artist, who gifted two similar statues to Split and Varaždin. 

Nin is one of the oldest towns in the Mediterranean. Here in the shallow lagoon, on one islet, inhabitants first came over a thousand years ago, and its very rich cultural heritage tells of these historic times. You cannot leave Nin without first visiting its many churches. One of the most famous ones is the Church of St. Nicholas, a symbol of the town and the Church of the Holy Cross, also known as the smallest cathedral in the world. Also do not miss the Museum of Nin Antiquities, the collection of ecclesiastical art “Gold and Silver Antiquities of Nin”, the remains of the Roman temple, mosaics... Nin did not just inspire romantics and poets, but also astronomers and one asteroid was named Aenona, after the old Roman name for the town.

The rare flora and fauna, medicinal mud, Nin salt and the tasty local delicacy šokol (cured pork), are all the more reason for visiting Nin. Its life by the sea and on the sea, the rich tourist offer, events, cultural and historic heritage, made Nin the 2009/2010 European destination of excellence for the theme “Aquatic tourism”. 

2009/2010: ‘Aquatic Tourism’

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