Krapinske Toplice

EDEN finalist 2019

Krapinske Toplice

Krapinske Toplice is situated in the very heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje, beneath the hills characteristic for the scenery of the northwest gate to Croatia and the lovely towns and hamlets laid out on the green carpet of the valleys. The village has been known as Aquae Vivae, which is Latin for “living water”, since the Roman era. It was named by the ancient Romans upon witnessing the warm, crystal-clear and drinkable water emerging from the ground.


Aquae Vivae is still alive at the water park, warmly caressing each visitor and passing on its power, energy and warmth. The thermal spa with four hyperthermal mineral water springs enriched with calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbon, with a temperature ranging from 39° to 41 °C, and peloid deposits, was used as early as 1772, but it was not until the second half of the 19th century that Krapinske Toplice flourished as fashionable leisure resort, where the Austro-Hungarian elite went to cure their ailments. The tradition of visiting Krapinske Toplice with the aim to restore health and balance has continued until the present day. In the contemporary world of stress and the never-ending race in which we try to catch up with ourselves, Krapinske Toplice offers serenity and everything a chance guest requires for getting well and relaxing.


In addition to the natural thermal springs, it also features the largest indoor swimming pool complex in Croatia, which covers an area exceeding 18.000 m². All the pools are filled with thermal water, with a temperature ranging from 28 to 38 ˚C and more than 160 various water attractions are available to visitors. And after your body is relaxed and recharged in the pools, wellness facilities, saunas and during massage treatments, you can explore the stunning nearby castles, museums and nature of this area of Zagorje. A place for health and rest nestled amid the mild and verdant scenery, Krapinske Toplice is surrounded with farms, wineries, castles, museum, a horse ranch...


In this idyllic location, each moment is a part of the anti-stress programme because the surroundings, nature and the preserved environment have a relaxing effect as soon as you lay your eyes on the soothing Zagorje landscape. You can also unwind by going on kilometres-long walks or bicycle rides on the green cloaks of the hills, below which meadows, plough-fields and vineyards unfold. One cycling trail is a picturesque route that leads through the region and connects two health and leisure sources – Krapinske and Tuheljske Toplice. It is complemented by an original and diverse hospitality offering, which perfectly rounds out each visit to Krapinske Toplice.