EDEN finalist 2009/2010


One of the lowest and smallest inhabited islands in the Adriatic sea

Straight as a board, seemingly within reach - Krapanj, the small islet in the Šibenik archipelago. Said to be the least inhabited and lowest island in the Adriatic. With 200 inhabitants living on 36 square kilometres, its lowest altitude point is 1.25 metres. It can be easily reached by boat from Brodarica which is only 350 meters away. A centuries-old forest, stone streets and houses that look like a film set make it attractive to adventurers in search of lost paradise and lovers of the relaxed island way of life. 

Even though it may seem today as idyllic and the epitome of a beautiful and easy life, in the past only the most tenacious and resourceful people survived here. Its inhabitants lived off making sponges, diving and fishing. Sponges from Krapanj are highly valued across the world, and after 300 years of sponge farming, the inhabitants of Krapanj have become expert divers. Exceptional courage and athleticism was needed to keep diving in the sea depths over and over in the period between March and September.

The history of Krapanj began with the construction of the Monastery of the Holy Cross in the 15h century. It holds the valuable paintings “Last Supper” and the “Black Madonna Enthroned”. The Monastery and the Gallery of Sponges are the two must-see places on the island.