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Forest Park and Trakošćan Castle

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EDEN finalist 2008/2009

Forest Park and Trakošćan Castle

Castle Trakošćan - The Pearl of Croatian Zagorje


Far away from the larger settlements, in the hilly area of Croatian Zagorje, some 80 km from Zagreb, on a tall hill with a park, in the middle of a park-forest sits the Trakošćan Castle. The castle is an important cultural and historical monument. The castle’s history is around 800 years old. It has been used as a museum for over half a century and the manor itself and its surroundings are protected. Today Trakošćan is one of the rare historical structures in Croatia with preserved original material that is historically related closely to the architectural context and the lives of its owners.


The museum contains valuable historical material, collections of paintings, furniture, weapons, and other objects that are permanantly exhibited in the original rooms and they present a view of the aristocratic life of the past. The Trakošćan Castle with its items of cultural heritage, the symbols of a magnate’s life together with the park and lake, is the most romantic area in Croatian Zagorje and a main tourist destination.