Etnoland Dalmati -

Pakovo selo

EDEN Finalist 2007/2008

Etnoland Dalmati - Pakovo selo

ETNOLAND! Culture & Food. Experience MORE!

At Etnoland Dalmati you will discover why the prosciutto from Drniš is considered to be an exceptional delicacy, what is the secret of the cheese from Pakovo Selo and what makes food baked under a lid covered with hot coals and home-made bread so appealing. If you want to spend a day in nature this theme park is an excellent choice. It is located halfway between Šibenik and Drniš in Pakovo Selo, only 10 km away from the National Park Krka. Etnoland Dalmati is a unique combination of culture, tradition and history. It offers a rare opportunity for people to discover old crafts and traditional customs, making it a cultural monument of sorts dedicated to the heritage of the Dalmatian hinterland.


The story of the way of life in the Dalmatian hinterland starts in the authentic Dalmatian house. Here you have a tavern with full wooden barrels and maštila (barrels for grape stomping), an old bedroom, a loom, a dining room and kitchen with traditional furniture and cutlery, and a dry-curing chamber for prosciutto and meat in the attic.


The garden in front of the house is full of local spices and vegetables, and there is a special section for farm animals. At the workshop of old, already forgotten, crafts you will meet stone carvers, weavers and carpenters, and the small Dalmatian market offers original local products from this region. the inhabitants of the Šibenik hinterland also knew how to have a good time, despite toiling long and hard on poor soil, as evidenced by kolarište - the traditional gathering spot for song, dance and music.