Winner of the EDEN 2007/2008

Town of Đurđevac

The Podravina town of Đurđevac comes alive at the end of June. The legendary Picoki become a reality. Hundreds of extras and horsemen take part in this folk theatre play, in honour of the name Picok that is the pride of every local person from Đurđevac. Legend has it that in the 16th century, Ottoman commander Ulama-beg wanted to crush the resistance of the fort of Đurđevac and decided on a long siege with the goal of starving its inhabitants. He would have been successful had it not been for the clever old lady who suggested that the last rooster (or picok in the local language) be fired from the cannon into the Ottoman camp. Convinced that there was plenty of food in the fort, Ulama-beg left the battlefield. Since then the people of Đurđevac have been known as Picoki, a derogatory term given to them by the defeated Ottoman commander. 


Preserving the traditional customs, rituals, old crafts, and legends in the Picokijada event is part of the attractive tourist offer of Đurđevac. That is why this town was selected as the 2007/2008 European destination of excellence for the theme “tourism and local intangible heritage”. 


Visit the town museum located in the Old Fort of Đurđevac, with its remarkable collection of the Croatian naive painter Ivan Lacković Croata. Do not miss the Đurđevac sands, a unique natural phenomenon with remnants of sandy dunes, known as the Croatian Sahara. By persistent afforestation with acacia and lower trees the people of Đurđevac have managed to somewhat tame the area, but it still attracts many tourists. 

2007/2008: ‘Tourism and Local Intangible Heritage’

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