Daruvar - Bjelovar - Garešnica

EDEN finalist 2014/2015


Gastronomy and wellness oases of gentle landscapes and kind people

Located at the edge of the green Bjelovar-Bilogora County, Daruvar, Bjelovar and Garešnica are attractive destinations for lovers of hiking and cycling, fishermen and hunters. Here you can enjoy a pleasant continental climate, hiking trails, mountain biking and horse riding. The educational path Lokvanjić offers bird-watching, and you can take a photo safari in the neighbouring forests.


The pleasant villages of Bilogora have been making milk, cream and excellent cheese for centuries, and they go perfectly with the numerous wines offered in the wineries of the Daruvar and Bilogora wine road. The diverse culture of numerous minorities has been reflected in the rich cuisine, and here you can try home-made bread, gibanica (pastry with cheese), brašnjače from Moslavina (a type of sausage), blood sausages, game meat dishes, fish stew, steamed dumplings, Czech bramborak... 


Even Roman emperors used to enjoy the wines from Daruvar and relaxed in the thermal hot springs of the region. This hedonistic tradition was continued by the nobility, kings and generals, and today Daruvar is one of the most famous destinations of health tourism. Enjoy the benefits of the thermal pools, saunas, steam baths, and relaxing massages. 


Thanks to its diverse culinary offer, excellent wine and numerous events, Daruvar -Bjelovar - Garešnica were the finalists of the 2014/2015 European destinations of excellence (EDEN) project for the theme cultural tourism.