The Town of Daruvar

EDEN finalist 2012/2013

The Town of Daruvar

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Roman baths, Ottoman thermal baths and public baths are evidence of the rich history and cultural heritage of Daruvar related to the numerous hot springs. These hot springs were visited for relaxation and health reasons by Roman emperors, Ottoman generals, the European nobility and citizens. Daruvar is still known today as a destination of health tourism, the centre of medicinal rehabilitation and relaxation offered in wellness and spa treatments. You will rarely find a small town with such a wide offer of activities for an active vacation and so many events planned for the entire year which are accessible and available to all persons regardless of their physical limitations, disability or age. 


Daruvar is also the town of wine. The thousand-year-old tradition of growing grapevine is evidenced by the glass wine cup found in the Roman forest. Along the Daruvar road you can visit the Janković Castle and family wineries, enjoy the Welschriesling, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot noir or Cabernet Sauvignon. Mix them with local high quality cheese from this region. 


As a town of various cultures, traditions and a large Czech minority, the culinary offer of Daruvar is extremely wide and diverse, and you can often find Czech delicacies served with a sweet and sour sauce, dumplings or tasty pastries made of dough. Beer, a symbol of this town, is made according to a traditional Czech recipe.