EDEN finalist 2010/2011

Cimper Tourist Complex

At the time when the Cimper Tourist Complex from Mursko Središće became a finalist of the European destinations of excellence project, the small estate brewery was producing Pilka, the first craft beer from Međimurje. You could of course enjoy its excellent taste at home, but it was a unique experience to drink it in the alehouse on the estate where delicacies from Međimurje were served, along with healthy apple chips.


The Cimper Tourist Complex was a unique combination of industrial heritage, active vacation, excellent culinary offer and the green landscape of Međimurje. If you thought that Cimper was the name of the estate owner, you were wrong. It is actually a local term for support in the mine shaft. Few people are aware that this was a traditionally mining region where coal mines were active until 1972. Almost every family in Mursko Središće had one member working in the mines, and not far from the Cimper tourist complex, a mining memorial home was opened in one of the former coal separators. It is still open today. 


Cimper, unfortunately, went bankrupt, and the new owners who bought its distillery use it now to make excellent rakija (local fruit brandy) under the brand name Good Spirit.