Town of the Zrinski Family

EDEN finalist 2007/2008

Čakovec – Town of the Zrinski Family

A town for everyone

The biggest tourist attraction in Čakovec is the Zrinski guard who are the keepers of the heritage of the Croatian noble family Zrinski. This historic unit of guardsmen, artillerymen and a drum orchestra, dressed in luxurious garb they draw attention to themselves wherever they go. 

That Čakovec is the town of the Zrinski family is evident by the Old Town, i.e. the castle at the centre of the town where this noble family decided to build their home in the 16th century. Today it houses the Museum of Međimurje with a rich archaeological, ethnographic and historical collection, as well as an art gallery. The Zrinski family resided in Čakovec from 1546 until 1670, long enough to influence its culture and religious tradition and enhance its social life. 

Legend has it that underneath the Old Town, from the Zrinski castle up to the Church of St. Nicholas, lies the dragon Pozoj. It is rarely talked about, but everyone has heard of him and they will gladly tell you the story of how he was defeated by Dijak Grabancijaš.

Modern Čakovec wonderfully preserves its rich cultural heritage while simultaneously embracing the new and contemporary. This is a town of professional and amateur athletes, exceptional infrastructure, a preserved and landscaped environment, amiable and welcoming people, fine cuisine and excellent local wines.