EDEN finalist 2006/2007


A safe, peaceful and attractive destination of rural tourism

Loved by cyclists, adventurers, bird watchers, hunters and fishermen... The way of life in Bilje in the Baranja county of eastern Croatia is deeply connected to Kopački rit, a swampy area at the confluence of the Danube and the Drava. This nature park is unique for its beauty and rich flora and fauna. You can explore it by water, hiking trails and roads throughout the year. 


You will enjoy the countryside life, the homely atmosphere and specialities like fiš-paprikaš (fish stew), fish perkelt stew or carp in wooden fork. Prince Eugene of Savoy spent his summers here hunting and built a castle in the 18th century. He allegedly used Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt as his architect, the same Hildebrandt who built the famous Belvedere palace for Eugene of Savoy in Vienna.


The 19th century Castle Tikveš is also famous in this area, built by members of the Teschens line of the Habsburg family. Residential facilities - the new and the old castle, the Chapel of Papal Blessing, a restaurant and accommodation facilities are surrounded by forests and parks. This attractive hunting ground has been visited by numerous statesmen and celebrities.