Honey Land

Honey Land

2nd Honey Days of Beekeeping Association METVICA Novska

The Association of Beekeeping Metvica Novska organizes HONEY LAND - Honey Days and presents the results of the work and efforts of the bees and beekeepers to mark the end of the beekeeping Year but also Lukovo - the Day of Novska every 3rd weekend on the  October.


Beekeepers promote the production of honey and other bee products at the "from the HIVE to the TABLE " sales exhibition, visitors will be able to taste the "HONEY and MILK" full-day breakfast, can also try different types of honey with proven quality. Pupils of elementary schools will listen lecture "  SECRET LIVING of the BEES "  and exhibition of student work about the role of bees in nature.


Within Lukovo will be held exhibition "Originally ours" of our origin producers, handicrafts, souvenirs and other products.

Fun for children and adults, presenting Novska life through history through the organization of parades ... and many other entertaining and cultural events .


On Saturday, October 19, 2019, a FREE of charge - HONEY TRAIN  

- The train comes from the Main station in Zagreb - Departure time :  10:14 a.m.

- Return from Novska - Departure time :  07:45 p.m.